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A Year in Focus: Chasing Nature's Canvas Through 2023! New Zealand, Iceland, Alaska

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Happy New Year! As the curtain falls on the remarkable canvas that was 2023, As I complete my final edits for some of the photos that we have posted to the OSP website, the kaleidoscope of memories captured over the year seem to come back to life for me. I am grateful for the unique travel opportunities to explore and photograph some amazing environments-some new to me and others familiar.  Here is a little recap of my unforgettable journey through the heart of some of the special places on my photographic itinerary for the year. 

New Zealand: A Summer of Vibrant Landscapes

The adventure began in January during the Southern Hemisphere's summer, where New Zealand welcomed us with open arms and breathtaking vistas. From the northern city of Aukland to the misty fjords of Milford Sound, every corner of this island nation was nothing less than amazing for Brenda and I. The vibrant landscapes and long days, with their array of colors, transformed the scenery into a  into a living masterpiece. My objective of photographing some of the amazing diversity of bird life was realized, as we ventured into some of the national parks and protected lands of the country. Check out our photography of New Zealand by clicking here.

Iceland: Chasing The Midnight Sun

Summer continued its reign in June as we ventured north to the land of fire and ice – Iceland. The midnight sunbathed the landscapes in a surreal glow, allowing for endless hours of exploration and photography. The cascading waterfalls, black sand beaches, and dramatic thermal features created a visual feast for the eyes… and my camera lens. We caught the breeding season for many migratory birds, and were captivated by puffins, razor bills, and arctic terns along with many more. Iceland's summer was a poetic journey, and you can see some of my best expressions of the beauty in the Iceland Gallery by clicking here.

Alaska, Kodiak Island, Kenai, and Katmai NP: 

Transitioning from the summer warmth to the rugged wilderness, Alaska became my next photographic playground. The untamed beauty of the Kodiak Island Wildlife Refuge offered the opportunity to capturing the spirit of the wild as I backpacked through the domain of the mighty Kodiak Bear where we were up close and personal with these massive bears.

Bald eagles soared overhead, bears roamed freely along the coastline, and the scent of the sea mingled with the earthy aroma of the forest. From there it was on to the Kenai Peninsula where Meghan and I met up and sought to capture the raw beauty and wildlife that exists along the unspoiled coastline of this special region. The grand finale of the photographic journey led us to Katmai National Park, a sanctuary for brown bears and a haven of untouched landscapes. The towering mountains, pristine rivers, and the iconic Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes set the stage for an intimate encounter with nature's grandeur.

Observing the bears in their natural habitat, from mothers nurturing their cubs to the powerful fishing displays, was a lesson in humility and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life. It makes me want to work hard to do my part in protecting our natural environment. Our Alaska photos are posted to our “North of 50 Degrees Gallery" click here.

If you look at any particular photo in our gallery and click “View Image” you can see a number of gift items we offer using the photo as the basis.  I also do custom work and can provide large scale prints for a particular space you may have in mind. Contact me for details on how that works. All are offered at a very attractive price.

Thanks to all who have supported us over the past year, and I wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2024!

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