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We are a Seattle based company, and our mission is to create photographic art pieces that capture the spectacular beauty that abounds on our planet. Our fine art photography is displayed around the world, in galleries,  primary and vacation residences, as well as office and other commercial locations. Increasingly we are providing "playlists" with our images displayed in digital frames.  OSP Images, LLC was founded by Gregg and Meghan Goolsby, a father daughter team who have a passion for photography and capturing beauty that can be shared with others. We have a strong focus on conservation and protecting natural places.


Through our online store you can purchase a number of items that can be customized with any image you choose from one of our galleries. When you click on "View Image" you will see a larger size of the image you choose, plus the customized items available for purchase. 


In addition to the items you can order in the online store, we offer custom prints on canvas, metal or paper along with framed images that can be customized to fit the space in which you want to display a beautiful image. For these orders please use the "contact us"section or click here and make an inquiry.


We also offer custom services. Please go to the services tab or click here.

We also offer photography workshops and classes in various locations. Gregg routinely teaches field workshops and and classroom photography. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates and details.


Welcome to Our Spectacular Planet!

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Gregg Goolsby spent 36 years working as a corporate executive in the luxury automotive business primarily with Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.  His experience spanned a number of different disciplines ranging from product planning, dealer network development, and various positions in corporate sales and marketing. Gregg also taught Marketing Strategy to MBA students at both Fordham and Seattle University for many years. He retired from Corporate America in 2018 and decided to change his mission in life. He enrolled and graduated from the New York Institute of Photography where he learned all the fundamentals to compliment his years of experience.


Gregg developed a passion for the outdoors when he joined scouting at a young age and became one of the youngest Eagle Scouts at the age of 13. He combined his love of the outdoors with photography when he was a college student back in 1976.  He bought a Pentax K1000 35mm camera and came to love capturing images of mountains and wildlife while spending his summers working in Glacier National Park in Montana. Glacier Park provided a spectacular backdrop and allowed Gregg to refine his skills and using a fully manual camera he learned a great deal about proper lighting and exposure. He continued to enjoy photography as a hobby during his years working in corporate positions that provided opportunities to live in a number of locations and travel the world. 


Gregg’s goal for the future is to grow OSP into a force for good that will help others learn how to be a better photographer, and also gain a deeper appreciation for our natural world. He teaches photography classes online and through field workshops held in beautiful locations. He also teaches a variety of courses at the Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita Oregon.  Additionally he applies his year of business and board level experience by serving on the Board of Directors at the Hoffman Center and also as Treasurer on the Board of Trustees for USA Triathlon.

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