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Welcome to our Blog!

I have always enjoyed the beauty that surrounds us on this specular planet of ours and have, hiked, biked and explored many different corners of the world. I also love photography and began shooting with my old Pentax K-1000 while working in Glacier National Park in Montana years ago in college. The spectacular beauty in Glacier inspired me to capture beauty on film. See the below photo taken from Mt. Oberlin in the Park. This image was scanned from a 35mm slide. Although I chose a career in business, I have had the good fortune to visit many amazing places around the globe and photograph landscapes and wildlife. Over the last couple of years I have become intrigued with macro photography and enjoy shooting plants and an entire "universe" that often lies right at our feet, but often goes unnoticed. You can see some of those special photos in the "Macro" Gallery. I hope to keep you posted with updates as I continue to create interesting and unique photos!

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