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The Garden

I am always excited to head off an adventure to some special place to capture images of the unique beauty that exists there. Living in the Pacific Northwest provides access to some of the most spectacular landscapes on the entire planet. But, sometimes it's easy to forget the amazing scenes that can be captured in your own backyard. We spend about an hour each day tending our gardens and greenhouse, and this is the time of year we are rewarded with abundant flowering beauty . Along with the blooms, come insects and birds which adds to the diversity. Lately, I have made it a point to get out with my Nikon Z7 and 2:1 Macro lens to capture some of the things that may often go unnoticed unless you look closely. When you do zoom in with a little magnification, it's amazing what you can see. Some call this "the universe at our feet". Here are a few images that I shot over the past week that I will be adding to our macro gallery. It brings me joy when I can share with others images that are not necessary easy to come by and are in some way unique!

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