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Lake McDonald In Infrared

Reflections of Mt. Stanton and Vaught. I shot this image of the 2 mountains that lie on the NW Flank of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana. The lake is about 1 mile wide at the point of this shot and about 10 miles long. It is the largest in the park and was created as ancient glaciers gouged out the valley and lake bed. For this reason, this and the other large lakes in the park are incredibly deep. Lake McDonald is about 500 feet deep, which is pretty incredible considering that it is only 1 mile wide. I used my Nikon Z6 camera that has been converted to shoot in infrared. Using a 720nm filter, yields what I think is a pretty amazing image. The greens of leaf and plant material appear as white and the mountains which are cloaked in green vegetation appear almost covered in snow. The interesting cloud formations in combination with leaves, water, mountains and water make for one of my favorite shots from this amazing area of the world.

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