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Glacier Park Beauty

I first came to Glacier National Park 41 years ago in my university years taking a summer job at Lake McDonald Lodge as the Transportation Agent and then as a bus driver the following year. My experience in the park opened my eyes to the abundant beauty that exists in our world and in many ways changed the course of my life. I have visited on and off over the years, but have been overdue for a trip back for some time now. I finally made it back last week for what I call the "4 corners trip" (visiting all 4 corners of the park to celebrate 4 decades of knowing this special place!). Here are some images from day 1. We headed up the west side of the park to the northwest corner staying at Bowman Lake. This is an undeveloped area of the park and has relatively low visitation. Glacier has been designated as a dark sky preserve, and Bowman Lake has particularly dark skies well suited for night photography. Sunset does not occur until about 9:30 in mid-summer, so one must stay up late to get skies that are truly "dark".

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