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Early Autumn Update

It’s been a great autumn so far, as we continue to expand our footprint with OSP Images! Meghan and I did a 2-week trip to Alaska in September, as we explored many of the coastal areas along the panhandle in the southeast portion of the state. Starting in Ketchikan and working our way up the coast to Juneau and then on to Anchorage. We photographed some amazing areas, but perhaps the most special were Misty Fjords and Tracy Arm. We were lucky to catch good weather windows for some of our high priority areas to photograph-fortunate for us, given the propensity for precipitation in Tongas National Forest and what is considered the second largest rainforest in the world!. From Anchorage we traveled on over to King Salmon on the Bearing Sea, and then into Brooks Camp in Katmai NP by Float Plane. Meghan had never seen this amazing area that I first visited over 3 decades ago! It was a pleasure to introduce my animal-loving daughter to this special place.We were treated to one of the true spectacles of nature, with the massive brown bears that congregate there to fish in Brooks River.Again, we had pretty good weather with a couple of mornings watching the sun rise over Naknek lake. Here are a few of our shots from the trip, and we are in the process of adding more to our galleries. When we returned, we had to quickly gear up for a couple of events. In nearby Issaquah the Salmon Days Festival takes place every October. We were one of the few Seattle based photographers that were selected in the juried entry to display. We put together a booth of some of our best pieces, and we had amazing success there, donating 20% of our sales to Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH). It’s a good feeling to contribute to NPO’s that work to protect wildlife and our natural spaces, and it is really our reason for being with OSP. We also have a display that is currently ongoing through early November at Frame Central in Issaquah Highlands. We have about 50 of our photographs on display there, so if you are local, please stop by and see our work. We are also working on a number of other projects, but will save those for our next post. Also, if you do Instagram, please follow us @ops_images. We post frequently with our nature images and also do monthly giveaways to our followers! Cheers.

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